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Mountains with Snow

The winter holiday season is filled with a bombardment of ads and sales. So much of our world and economic operations are about creating a sense of urgency and scarcity to drive profits. While Find a Third Way will be running a promotion for Small Business Saturday, we will not create urgency around it. As mentioned in our November Newsletter, one of the “antidotes” to overwhelm and trauma is slow things down and make things

more accessible. The promotion we’re running will go through Friday, December 22nd. 
We understand people’s time and money are valuable. It can feel scary to risk both of those things

while also being vulnerable with someone new and/or trying a new modality of care.

We occasionally offer special rates to provide a more accessible, lower risk opportunity to sign-up for sessions.

Small Business Saturday Specials

Available through December 22nd, 2023.

Writing Letters

Gift Cards


Much like other businesses with therapeutic services such as physical therapy clinics and wellness centers, we are able to offer digital gift cards at any amount for your friends and family. Somatic therapy is a great gift of stress release- it’s like an internal massage and physical therapy for a person’s nervous system!
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