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Wellness is multifaceted. At Find a Third Way, we value engaging all five sense when partaking in joy, play, and restoration to care for our nervous systems. We also value being good stewards of the Earth in that process.  We created a consumer guide of products on this page that provide a toxin-free experience for both your body and the planet, as well as options for each of your senses.

It's important to keep in mind that everyone’s nervous system is unique to them. We would venture to say it’s as unique as your fingerprint. There are no catchall products in nervous system regulation that will work for every nervous system. The items on this page aren’t meant to be “cures.” They are products that we've found aid us and others in nervous system regulation. They are presented here as possible tools for you and your nervous system. You may already have some excellent tools! Perhaps some of these can be new considerations to your existing repertoire of nervous system caring resources.

Please note, we are not in any way sponsored by any of these products. If at any point we are, we will be forth coming about it.


Cosmetic & Household Products

We're big fans of using products that are free of harmful chemicals that disrupt the healthy functioning of our body. Attitude Living uses the Environmental Working Group standards to produce  toxin free body, hair, beauty, and cleaning products. What sets them apart is their extensive line of sensitive skin and scent free products. 


Badger is a woman-owned certified B-Corporation. Their balms, lotions, and grooming products meet the high standards of the Environmental Working Group. This means they are free of harmful toxins that are considered cancer causing and/or disrupters of your internal systems. We love that they use natural ingredients to provide soothing and relief.


Sustainable Clothing

Tentree is a certified B-Corporation making some of the comfiest and softest sustainable lounge wear around. Their clothing items are free of micro-plastics and harmful dyes and made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp. With each item you order, they'll plant 10 trees on your behalf. 

Beauty & Health Products


Sustainable Clothing

Outerknown is one of the first clothing companies in the US to make the planet a priority in the way they run their business. Their items are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp and made to last. They're free of toxic dyes and micro-plastics.


Art & Poetry

Morgan is a self described "autistic poet-artist creating daily reminders to help you make room to breathe." You can find her art on Instagram, her shop (Garden 24 Co), and app (The Storyteller Co.). 


Kitchen, Cleaning and Bathroom

Full Circle sells household products that are eco-friendly and functional in design without compromising on style. Their products are free of formaldehyde and other harmful off-gassing toxins.



Aire Candle Co. is a small business that creates hypo-allergentic candles made 100% from organic beeswax- no soy or paraffins added! The scented candles are made from pure essential oils .In our research, we've found that soy and paraffin candles add toxins to the air. We also read several claims that beeswax purifies the air due the negative ions it produces when burnt.  



This female owned tea company is B-Corp certified. Their teas are well sourced and their canisters are reusable as well as biodegradable. A portion of every order goes to supporting a fund that gives female entrepreneurs access to resources such as funding and mentorship. One of our favorite blends is the "Golden Slumbers" blend. It helps calm the nervous system before bed.


Massage Ball

This lacrosse ball is an affordable alternative to a massage gun for a self massage. It's firmer than a tennis ball and reaches deep into the tissues to release tension and toxins. As with any form of massage, don't forget to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins you're releasing. 


Resmaa Menaken

Resmaa Menakem is an activist and somatic psychotherapist that specializes on the impacts of trauma in the body. His book dives into historical and present day collective traumas and how they impact our bodies. He imparts practical somatic tools throughout his book. 


Winona Guo & Priya Vulchi

Winona and Priya are two young authors who traveled throughout the entire United States and collected personal stories around race, culture, and identity. These stories can be validating for those on the margins and illuminating for the curious. 


Kitchen, Cleaning and Bathroom

Free of artificial sweeteners, this mint is made with 3 simple and clean ingredients. Peppermint oil is said to aid with digestion and concentration. 

This Page is Being Updated. Check Back Soon For More Resources!

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