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Below are a list of Black healers and storytellers whom I continue to learn from and shape my practice. I hope their work and wisdom may move and empower you as well. 

Their names are hyperlinked to either their website or to a social media page in which they engage often. 

Alexandria founded The Center for Plants & Culture. She helps me engage the practice of being curious. How did something come to be? What is its true origin, and who was exploited along the way?

Tricia's Rest Deck is a helpful touchstone to have when I'm torn between a sense of urgency and the desire to slow down. The Rest Deck and her book, Rest is Resistance, help me to unpack the negative impacts of capitalism on healing and flourishing.

Dr. Mullan's book, Decolonizing Therapy, unpacks the impacts of colonization and showcases how it regularly shows up in the world of therapy. She continually reminds me that history and context matter. Also, there is wisdom in rage.

Morgan's art is inspiring, soothing, and uplifting. She also uses her platform to openly share what it's like to navigate an able-centric world as someone with autism and ADHD. 

Resmaa's book, My Grandmother's Hands, was my first exposure to embodied activism. It was was life changing. It continues to influence how I engage groups. I write in somatic pause breaks in my newsletters as one of the many take aways from his work.

I feel so privileged to have been taught by Nkem. She's the first person I experienced teaching in depth about appeasement as a survival response, particularly in BIPOC bodies. I often use their nervous system regulating tools for myself and with clients.

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